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More Nat’l Corvette Museum 20th Anniversary pics…

There’s no R8C Deliveries this week so Corvette Blvd hosted some interesting Corvettes. This group of photos:

1. & 2.  2015 Z/06 cutaway
3. 2015 Z/06 convertible with Z/07 package
4. 1954 C1 in Sportsman Red
5. First Z/06…. 1963 Split Window racer

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Mini work truck, jobox mounted & spare relocated @icweld👍 #toyota #yota #tacoma #taco #freeride #austin #texas (at Freeride Fabrication)

Rear suspension travel? Maybe it’s an illusion but it doesn’t look like there’s much there.


Triumph Engine | Cutaway | Gordon Calder

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A Few Selections from the Mine’s Tuning Catalog


Has anyone ever used the manual chainsaw? Seems like a steal for $79. #RDMIRONWORKS #HAZARDFRAUGHTTOOLS #QUALITYPRODUCTS #MADEINCHINA


Picked up this green monster today. It’s a spindle carver. Handle making? #axehandle #tools #looksdangerous


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Vol: CXLVII, No: 3826 - May 12th 1939
Taylor, Taylor & Hobson of London
Engraving machines

Welders wanted. Work announced today that they are giving a $1500 bonus to employees who find a welder and they hire them. If your a welder and want move to the Austin, TX area let me know. Worldwide company with manufacturing in Cedar Park, TX. $500 of the first $750 to me when you start ($250 I’ll turn over to you), second $750 at 6 months ($500 of which I’ll turn over to you). Message me if you interested. I assume you’ll need some credentials. Have a great Labor Day weekend. (August 2014)